A key ring in the shape of a diving cylinder with tools and a container for O-rings: your reliable protection while diving.

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Your safety while diving is our priority. That's why we present our key ring in the shape of a diving cylinder, which not only impresses with its design, but also is a practical solution in case the O-rings need to be replaced. This is a small gadget that may help you never have to cancel your dive again because of a damaged seal.

Product features:

A keychain in the shape of a diving cylinder that attracts attention and is a great addition to your key or bag.

O-ring container where you can store spare seals to always be prepared.

An O-ring replacement tool that is easy to use and will help you keep your equipment in perfect condition.

Product advantages:

Always have spare O-rings with you in a stylish way with our diving cylinder-shaped key ring.

The O-ring replacement tool allows you to quickly respond to any problems during diving, which increases your safety.

This small, effective gadget will mean that you will never have to give up diving again when such a tiny element as a seal fails.

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