AquaZone is a brand belonging to the Esport company, whose origins date back to 1997. Our company is built on the values ​​of integrity and commitment, which has allowed us to gain recognition among customers, employees and suppliers. We maintain respectful relationships, earning the trust of our community.

FROM IDEA TO CREATION We strive to make diving accessible to everyone, which is why we create high-quality products under the AquaZone brand, while ensuring affordability. Our production headquarters in Poland, in Jaworzno, is the place where men's and women's diving products differing in sizes and colors are made. The HB line is a proposition for divers who value thermal comfort at any time of the year, and the HR series meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.

SAFETY, COMFORT, INNOVATION We invest in the development of our products, placing emphasis on diving safety and comfort. Our team constantly improves production processes and introduces innovations to meet the expectations of our customers.

COMFORT NOT ONLY DURING DIVING In addition to diving suits and products, we also offer "after diving" products that ensure comfort during various sports activities. We are flexible and ready to adapt our products to individual customer requirements and wishes. After agreement, the club or company logo can be placed in a selected place on the product.

AQUA ZONE – SAFETY AND COMFORT DURING DIVING! AquaZone, an Esport brand, is a community of divers for whom safety and comfort are a priority. Join the Aqua Zone and discover the world of diving in a new dimension!