Aquazone HB500 wetsuit: 530 gr/m2 Designed for arctic diving, this suit is up to any underwater challenge, providing not only protection but also unrivaled comfort.

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Aquazone HB500 suit: 530 gr/m2 Three-layer Construction: Protection against wind, water and maintaining body heat are the key features provided by the three-layer construction. The suit was created for effective thermal insulation at extremely low temperatures. Modular Construction: The panel construction with neoprene panels perfectly adapts to the body, providing not only thermal protection, but also freedom of movement. This is important, especially in conditions where precise movements are crucial. Control Comfort: Elements facilitating quick air release not only increase comfort, but also affect the ease of using the suit underwater, which is especially important during long-term dives. Thermal Functionality: The inner anti-pilling layer with a thermoactive membrane perfectly insulates the body and at the same time effectively wicks away excess moisture. This means that the suit provides not only warmth, but also comfort of use. Resistance and Durability: High tear and abrasion resistance guarantees long-term use, which is crucial in extreme diving conditions. The HB500 suit is the warmest model in the series, making it ideal for low-temperature applications. Practical Elements: Four pockets, including two with zippers, add practicality, allowing divers to store essential items during long underwater expeditions. Stylish Colors: The variety of colors allows you to adapt the suit to your individual preferences, combining functionality with aesthetics, even in extreme conditions. Personalization: The option of adding a club patch, installing P-vavle valves and heating transitions allows you to personalize the suit, making it unique and tailored to the specific needs of the diver. To sum up, the Aqua Zone HB500 suit is a comprehensive solution for divers who need maximum thermal protection in difficult conditions, without sacrificing comfort, functionality and style.

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